We recently sold one of our wonderful females as a family pet to a great couple in Minnesota. We knew that this female is just a wonderful girl and would have no issues, but we were still worried if she would fit in quick--so this morning we received this message and I will say it just melts our hearts!! To know that I could have sold Arkadea months and months ago but we chose to wait for the right person...and I think we did good :)



Let me also take a chance to thank you for our beautiful little girl! She is the most wonderful little puppy and has fit into our family perfectly! We couldn't have asked for anything more! She is so loved (and spoiled) and had made many new friends already. Her new best friend(other then our Son) is Maddie, our neighbors English bulldog. They make the cutest little pair. The quality of your puppies speaks volumes for the passion and love that you have for what you do!! I feel like a "thank you" doesn't says enough, but it's a start, so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! We are so truly grateful for her and will continue to keep you updated.

~Justin, Sarah, Liam, Shu-Shu, and Syracuse

P. S. I think Cuse may love Shu-Shu a little more then Shu-Shu loves her, but I'm sure that will even out with time! : )



Dear Iryna,
I just want you to know the new man in Mary Ellen’s life is sleeping with her every night. He is just too cute for words. I know she loves him so much. He will have a full and wonderful life too. He loves the car too. I am so glad that he came into her life when he did. They are great for each other. They complete each others worlds. She gives her dogs everything that they could ever want for. I know that she just loves him so much. It is so cute, I talk to her and I can hear him speaking to her. He is just a cutie. He knows his name, and he knows where to poop and peep too. He is so smart too. Thank you so much for all you did for her. We are friends for forty years. She is the greatest friend anyone could ever have. She sends me pictures all the time. He is growing beautifully. He looks like a little bear cub. You have made her so happy, you will never know just how much.
He even knows when it is time for goodies and he also knows when she says lets go night, nights. She is so happy; it is hard to put to words. I know that you will miss your pup, but know that your pup has the best home, that he could ever have. She will give him everything that he needs, and then some. She knows all about dogs, since she bred labs, and has delivered many puppies in her lifetime. I do not ever remember her without a dog in her life. I told her the only way to get over the loss is to get another one, and that will fill some of the whole in your heart. It will not replace Wilma, but it will help her to get over it. That is what I did, and it helped me so much.
It was very nice meeting you, and hopes to hear from you again. I thank you again for the wonderful pup that she has from you, and you indeed did help her to start a new page in her life.


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