Sunday, April 6, 2014

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We have started a fundraiser....if you can help :)

 I became aware of this story of a woman who has 3 kids (all boys ages: 1 1/2 yrs, 6 yrs, and 10) and one on the way due by the end of April 2014 through my church,come to find out her husband who has decided to leave her is not supporting her in any way, they cant get in touch with him, and he is not answering anyones call. This woman is here with no family, just her kids and herself. She walks everywhere has no car, no money and barely is making ends meet. This story touches my heart because I have seen many people go through this and would never wish this upon anyone. So I am asking anyone for help who can can be clothe, baby food, regular food,money even if its just $5, if you cant do either just keep her in your prayers is all we ask. If its clothe,or food other than money please contact me by phone 713-398-9189 or my email: At the moment we have people supporting her by paying her water and electricity bill. I will be helping as much as I can and if you can help as well that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for reading.

Click on the link below to donate :)

Help a single mother of 4